We all know the time, work and money involved to make a hospital and associated clinics meet PCI Regulations; 326 questions, ongoing network scans and Pen testing. 

With our secure Certified Point to Point Encryption and Tokenization, your PCI compliance is reduced to about 33 questions, no network scans or tests even large businesses.EMV capability will be included at no extra charge.

Our Point of Service system, NetTerminal, also included, manages ALL patient payments; credit card, checks or cash.

​Above that line, after Protect your Customers, Protect your Data;  Put Save significant time and money.


Physicians Payment Services has joined with CardConnect in providing Point to Point Encryption (P2PE), which encrypts ALL cardholder data and reduces your PCI responsibilities and no network scans or tests.
This is only possible because our processing partner is P2PE Certified, which shifts the security responsibilities to them instead of you.

The only investment required is a Certified Encryption Pad which encrypts both keyed and hand entered transaction, in conjunction with a certified provider, of which CardConnect is one of the very few with that attestation.Better yet, the investment is under $200.00 per terminal, runs with our Point of Service software, NetTerminal and will include EMV later this year at no additional charge.

Physicans Payment Services has recently developed a partnership with CardConnect LLC, the leading credit card processing technology provider and has developed a complete package with EMV, Point to Point encryption and a Point of Service software system, NetTerminal, that costs less than most standard credit card readers.Here’s what you get with Physicians Payment Services and CardConnect:For under $200.00 each, you purchase a terminal from our processing service provider, CardConnect LLC, that provides Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) from a Certified processor. To be Certified is important and rare, which basically removes you from PCI scope. This means getting and maintaining PCI Certification goes from about 300 questions to about 30. Additionally, network scans are eliminated. This typically saves between $30,000 to $65,000 per year.These terminals will be made EMV compatible later this year, so you won’t have buy EMV chip readers.
These terminals work through our software, NetTerminal. NetTerminal is a Point of Service (POS) designed especially for hospitals and clinics. It reports all transactional data to required users on a single report. Because the report is displayed on an Excel Pivot Table Report, it is highly configurable to your requirements. Some of the information for Cash, Check and Credit Cards transactions commonly displayed are:Cashier
Terminal Name
Location or Clinic Name​, ​such as different clinics within a hospital, eliminating the need for different accounts that feed into​​ the same checking account for credit cards​.
Patient Acct # / Name
Our rate is a straight pass through of .25% for hospitals and .30% for clinics. If the clinics are owned by the hospital everything is .25% + 10¢ per transaction over cost (exchange).