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Medical Payment Processing Integrates All Patient Payments into One Process

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Healthcare Payment Processing is typically used to define credit card processing, but NetTerminal manages all payments made by patients: Credit Card, Cash or Check. It installs on as many PC’s as needed and credit card processing is built-in, removing the old credit card terminal and phone line.
NetTerminal is a complete Point of Sale (POS) system designed specifically for the Hospital Payment Processing and Healthcare Payment Processing in general. Using our software system, designed specifically for Medical Payment Processing, will help achieve the following goals in this age of growing Patient financial participation in their care:

--Record every transaction permanently, in real-time; reports available immediately at needed service/accounting points as required by your staff.

--Manage control to standardize payment/collection practices.

--Generate reports that are easily modified to interact with the special needs of Accounting, Control, Cost analysis while working along side or integrated with your current Practice Management System

--It keeps track of every penny that is collected, facilitates as many collection points as needed with no additional cost. 

--Even if Cashiers share a terminal, it can monitor their individual cash bag overages/shortages.

--Because transactions cannot be deleted or changed, the opportunity for theft and embezzlement is greatly diminished or even eliminated.

 --It's easy to install and easier to use for your Cashiers.